Great Time Management Tool for this Tuesday’s Tool Time 4 Success – ” The Pomodoro Technique”

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Are you making the most out of the minutes and hours in your day? When you sit down to do a task, do you choose the most effective way to make use of your time or do you find yourself loosing hours in the day and not really seeing the results you desire?

Get Pomodoro Timer TodayWell I would like to take this moment to introduce you to a technique suggested in a Training Course by a super successful women in Publishing, Mary Ellen Tribby, of Women's Only Magazine. Continue reading Great Time Management Tool for this Tuesday’s Tool Time 4 Success – ” The Pomodoro Technique”

Getting the most out of Google Calendar in Tuesday’s Tool 4 Success

UNI_Like_SuccessDo you plan and prepare 4 Daily Success? Are your tasks and goals organized in a central place and accessible to the people who are involved in getting the job done? Google Calendar (Gcal) is one of the top organization Tools we recommend to our clients and we actively use in our professional and personal lives for ultimate achievement. The 2 videos below from digitwirlchannel will show you how to...

"Get the most out of Google Calendar" in Tuesday's Tool 4 Success

Getting the most out of Google Calendar


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Google Calendar: Seriously simple shared schedules

Is my husband going to be home for dinner? Does that business meeting conflict with basketball practice? Keeping everyone's schedules straight in my work and family life is a herculean effort. Thankfully, Google Calendar is up to the challenge.

Tool Time Tuesday: Acheiving your Goals using the S.E.T. Goal-Setting Tool plus FREE Gift from Success Expert Brian Tracy

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To expand on yesterday's "Tips for Setting Business Goals" this week's Tool Time Tuesday video will feature a simple yet powerful tool to achieve your goals called the S.E.T. model taught by Mr Glenn Lim plus a FREE webinar, as a Special Gift, from success expert BRIAN TRACY.

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Here's a powerful goal-setting tool called the S.E.T. model taught by Mr Glenn Lim. To achieve results, remember to frame your goals according to the 3 key points of this model - Specific, Executable, Time-based.

This is one of the modules from the Power Study Strategies (PSS) curriculum.
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All highly successful people use these steps for setting goals and success, and now you can too!

By Brian Tracy

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Tool Time Tuesday’s “Tools to Keep You Focused on Success”

Focus on SuccessHi Success Community...   It's Tool Time Tuesdays!

This week's Topic is Focus for Success. As I am sure you are well aware, there are several solutions you can use to keep yourself focused on the key areas that will create success in your business and life.

It is important to identify these key areas such as dreams, goals, revenue producing activities, marketing plan, sales approach, mission, brand, etc. Be sure to have a clear centralized focus and find the strategies that maximizing strengths and efficiency so you and the participating parties can operate in one accord.

Choose from Office Supplies you can view daily and place in plain site, called Visualization Tools. For example you can buy dry erase board, calendars and poster boards in an array of shapes, sizes and colors. You can also buy color coded markers and sticky notes to organize your thoughts, projects, strategies and action plans.

Here are a list of Tools the Community use to stay motivated and focused, please feel free to add the tools you use to keep you focused on the plan that leads to success.

Visualization Tools

  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Dry Erase/Poster Boards
  • Vision Board
  • Action Plan for Business and Projects
  • Wall, Desk and Online Calendars
  • Pocket and Online Organizers

Energy and Stamina Tools

  • exercise
  • goals
  • rewards


added cool tip: eliminate distractions during revenue producing activity time. Block off undisturbed time on a regular basis to completes tasks, goals and objectives.

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