Wednesday’s Wake Up Call 4 Life: Achieving Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Freedom - Image courtesy of Master isolated images / FreeDigitalPhotos.netAchieving Financial Freedom

by Guest Author: Charrissa C. Cawley
Imagine a life where you don’t need to worry about money, and you can have everything your family needs. A life of financial freedom is attainable.The secret is to follow a set of proven principles and techniques and apply them to your own life and then you will be on your way to achieving financial freedom and the life you have always desired.

You need to understand that [read more]

Wednesday’s Wake Up Life 4 Success: Attitude Adjustment 101

Attitude Adjustment 101 - Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.netAttitude Adjustment 101

by Guest Author: Karin Marcus

All of us at one time or another find ourselves drowning in a sea of negativity and self-pity, or consumed by the fire of resentment and frustration, or aimlessly drifting in a fog of uncertainty. When life feels out of control and without focus, it is the perfect time for an attitude adjustment. Too often, we are our own worst enemy. As Amy Tan so aptly put it, ‘If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.’

Here is my basic curriculum for Attitude Adjustment 101. [read more]

Analyze Your Life 4 Success in this Wednesday’s Wake Up Call

Self Analyze Your Life - Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netSelf Analyze Your Life

by Guest Author: Joseph Cale

In online marketing we are always obsessed to our performance metrics to see how our campaigns are doing and how our online business ranks on the web. Most of the time we get lost in such details and we forget to analyze ourselves.


How many times do you ask yourself if you are enjoy what you do or if you look forward for tomorrow? How do you feel about today? Did you do anything exciting today?

Asking and answering such questions to your self is [read more]

Train you Mind and Be Open to Opportunities in this Wednesday Wake Up Call 4 Success in Life

Hi Success Community,

Are you happy with where you are in your life? Do you take the time to train your mind to focus on what you desire in life? Do you acknowledge and take advantage of the opportunities big and small?

In order to fully grow and reach our potential, we must extend beyond our comfort zone. We have to have faith in our ability to learn, adjust and improve continuously. What you focus your mind and actions on has a direct affect your results.

In this Wednesday's Wake Up Call, Pam shows you the importance of training your mind to be focused, open and positive to achieve success in life.

"Your mind is naturally wanting to develop, its desire to grow and become stronger your mind craves education in order to achieve any ambitions you may have, but to do this you need to move forward and the first thing you need to do is release the negativity gain faith in your ability to learn." - Pam Maybanks [read more]

The Closed Mind is an unteachable mind — Open your mind and release your ambitions

Organize Your Life 4 Success and Ultimate Balance with Wednesday’s Wake Up Call

Organizing Your Life To Success" Life Balance Diagram On Computer Shows Career And Friends by Stuart MilesHi Success Community,

I'm sure you can agree, when your daily tasks, finances, home and work affairs are organized life is less stressful, more productive and more efficient.
Taking the time in advance to address key areas of your life to focus on will help you create balance and achieve maximum results personally and professionally.

In Today's "Wake Up Call 4 Success in Life" Article

Organizing Your Life To Success

UNI guest author identifies 6 essential areas of Life to maintain organization if you are looking for that proper balance which leads to harmony and happiness..[read more]

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“Personal Development Tips: Seven Criteria for Recognizing Your Passion and Purpose” in this Wednesday’s Wake Up Call 4 Life

Personal Development Tips: Seven Criteria for Recognizing Your Passion and Purpose - Image courtesy of pichart99thai / FreeDigitalPhotos.netHi Success Community,

Earlier this week UNI gave you ways to make your purpose your business and 7 questions to ask yourself to help you find your purpose and passion. Today UNI will discuss 7 criteria for recognizing your personal passion and purpose.

Today's guest author, Lynn Pierce, "the Success Architect", has taught people how to combine business and personal development to reach the pinnacle of success and live the life of their dreams for over 25 years. In addition, she is also the founder of one of the most exciting annual events for women entrepreneurs, "Women's Business Empowerment Summit". Now she shares her keys to success and life mastery with you.

Check out her Personal Development Tips: Seven Criteria for Recognizing Your Passion and Purpose in this Wednesday's Wake Up Call 4 Life. Click here

Time Management Tip – Find 5 Benefits That Strengthen Relationships By Using Boundaries – This Wednesday’s Wake Up Call 4 Life Success

Time Management Tip - Find 5 Benefits That Strengthen Relationships By Using Boundaries - This Wednesday's Wake Up Call 4 Life SuccessHi Success Community,

Are you MAKING TIME 4 SUCCESS in your LIFE? Do you say "yes" to your goals and "no" to your distractions?

If you need to get more productivity out of your day, here are some tips UNI found that will help you set necessary boundaries to manage your time successfully. Check out ...

Time Management Tips – Say No And Find 5 Benefits That Strengthen Relationships By Using Boundaries

by Guest Author:  Paula Eder

Time management tips clear paths for you to live your best life. This article explores five direct benefits of establishing boundaries to exercise more positive control over your time. Learn when "No" will help you say "Yes" to what matters most [read more]

Wednesday Wake Up Call 4 Life Success – P.E.P.P. Preparation, Execution, Persistence & Patience. Reaching Success

"P.E.P.P. Preparation, Execution, Persistence & Patience Reaching Success" Image Courtesy of by Stuart Miles"People want to become the best, the "Michael Jordan's or the Warren Buffett's", yet they are not willing to go through what the best go through to become the best. These examples can go on forever. We must be willing to have patience as we prepare, execute, and persist!" -Chad Carden Today's Guest Author 4 UNI

Hi Success Community,

In this weeks Wednesday Wake Up Call 4 Life Success we feature a fabulous article about the crucial role planning and action play in reaching your goals personally and professionally. This article highlights a doable process to achieve success in your Life. IF you want to pep up you results check out...

P.E.P.P. Preparation, Execution, Persistence & Patience. Reaching Success

by Guest Author: Chad Carden

This article has been put together with the intention to help you see the process of success as manageable and realistic.  In anything we do in life these four key elements play a very important role. We must prepare before we go into battle. We must execute our plan, or our plan is worthless. Action is required along with having a positive outlook that good things will happen. We must persist! We must not let little obstacles stand in our way. Finally we must have patience. Things take time to work. We live in a world of instant gratification, where people want things and they want them now. People want to become the best, the "Michael Jordan's or the Warren Buffett's", yet they are not willing to go through what the best go through to become the best. These examples can go on forever. We must be willing to have patience as we prepare, execute, and persist!

I want to help everyone reading this to see success as a fun journey.  People must have fun in life or things become stale.  These next few paragraphs will help you with a step by step process, you will understand the formula to have success in life, both personally and professionally, however you define success.  By the way, that is the very first step! You must [read more]

Wake Up Wednesday: Enlist Self Control to Reach Your Goals

Hi Success Community,

How are is your week jumping off so far? Did you set some doable goals and deadlines to accomplish this week. Goal Setting is very important for success in your life and business as we have seen this week in

  • Momentum Monday's "Tips for Setting Business Goals"
  • Tool Time Tuesday's Goodies:
    • FREE webinar, “Brian Tracy’s 12-Step Method to Setting and Achieving Your Goals.”
    • Video "Achieving your goals using the S.E.T. Goal-setting tool"

While goal setting is important the disciple to be consistent and effective daily requires self control to reach your goals and achieve ultimate success.

Check out Today's "Wake Up Wednesday" Featured Article:

Enlist Your Self Control and Achieve Even More  by Guest Author: Anne Bachrach

...when you are a self-starter, then you are in charge of all your faculties and must have them work for you, not independently of you. Sometimes people do require rigid structure in their life in order to get things done. If you are naturally inclined to take it easy, if you tend to procrastinate, or if you are easily distracted from completing a simple goal, then these are disruptive factors in your community. You must work to maintain self-control to meet the standard that you have set for yourself.Taking Back Control

If you find that procrastinating slows down your mission, or that watching television alters your set schedule, then you may have to use coercive techniques in order to train your body and mind. Science supports this theory, as even some highly intelligent people have been shown to lack motivation, especially when it comes to certain tasks. If you are a creative type that despises  [read more...]


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Today is the Last day of the FREE Webinar from Success Expert Brian Tracy

The 12-Step Method to Setting and Achieving Your Goals!

Discover how your life will change with this NO-FAIL method for getting results!

Wake Up Wednesday: Are you Focused on Being Successful? Learn How to Focus Your Mind on a Project…

Focus your mind on a Project image courtesy of by AmbroHi Success Community,

What lessons and strategies did you find most valuable from the Focus on Success information and resources brought to us in this week's Tool Time Tuesday and Momentum Monday. Whether you are looking to improve your focus and results in business or your personal life, it is vital you complete each project effectively to reach your goals and desires.

"People who are successful often focus their minds to be successful. Being focused on a certain task or project will make it easier and more effective that you’ll finish the job in no time. Your mind creates an image of what you want to achieve." by Guest Author: Jemiel Simundo "Focusing Your Mind On A Project"

Are you focusing your mind on being successful and completing projects?

This has been an awesome and revealing week. I totally missed an important conference call yesterday because I did not put it in my phone and google+ calendar to alert me, thus allowing my current conference call to run way beyond the time I needed to transfer calls. Even though I was preparing for the call hours earlier, a lesson I know all to well, I must use alerts to keep me on task because I will get caught up in a single project. Still smh...

So take it from me, use the tools and strategies to keep you on point. Here is a perfect article to help all of us STAY FOCUSED 4 Success personally and professionally.

Guest Author: Jemiel Simundo talks about the ability to control your emotions, avoid distractions, plan and prioritize your day and how this focus is crucial to your success in "Focusing Your Mind On A Project".   The valuable information in this article can give you great insight in the areas you need to improve 4 Success.

Read more, Grow and Share so others can be empowered as well.

Success Community Speaks: Please tell us what U Think... comment on this week's posts on FOCUS. Tell us what tips and strategies U-Like, have been using and will use to achieve successful results in your business and life. We looking forward to growing together.

much Success and Joy,

Vizion 4 UNI Community