Monday’s Momentum: How to Attain Financial Stability in your Business

How to Attain Financial Stability in your Business - Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netHow to Attain Financial Stability in your Business

by Guest Author: Joshua Nyamache

Frankly, financial stability is what every businessman desires. The growth of any business is greatly determined by finance. I was really thinking and I concluded that no business can do without finance-it is the lifeblood. Funds are required for various purposes. Let me define what finance is before we go into details, “Business finance is defined as that business activity [read more]

Do You Know How Your Business Is Performing? Analyze to Improve Momentum in Your Business Success

How to Anaylze the Performance of Your Business image courtesy of by adamr is business? It is the superficial question many people ask business owners in lieu of the standard “how are you”. Few really care about or even listen to your response because they know it is just meaningless chi-chat. But do you really know how your business is performing? Meaning more than just sales growth or profitability trends. Have you ever done an in-depth analysis of your business? Here’s how you can…[read more]

How To Analyze The Performance Of Your Business

Make Training Effective with These Successful Techniques in Monday’s Momentum 4 Business

Hi Success Community,

Make Training Effective with these Successful Techniques! - Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netMostly everyone knows the saying "Practice makes Perfect", but how do you go about implementing your training practices for you, your team and your company as a whole?

In Today's Main essay, Nancy Karen Culp RN, experiencing a wide range of work settings, situations and challenges along the way, shares successful training solutions in detail from her unique perspective...

"...staff was tired of hearing the same old thing year after year! This forced me to be creative in my approach and I stumbled onto several keys to success to make staff sit up take notice and pay attention. The measuring stick was the evaluations that reflected staff interest and enthusiasm regarding the training. What I learned has been incorporated into my training programs ever since and is outlined for you as follows..." [read more]

Make Training Effective with these Successful Techniques!

with Monday's Momentum 4 Business by Guest Author: Nancy Karen Culp RN

Organizational Development: Building A Management System That Works – Monday’s Momentum 4 Business Success

Hi Success Community,

Organizational Development: Building A Management System That Works – Monday’s Momentum 4 Business Success Word Organization by Stuart MilesIt is the second week in April, have you done your spring cleaning for your business? While many people have taking the time to purge and organize what is in their home, have you taking the time to go through your business, eliminate what isn't working and strategically structure what will give you better results with your team and overall productivity?

While these tasks may not be the exciting and fun part of business, your organization and  management systems are crucial to your business success. Are you happy with the way your business is run and managed. Are you and your team reaching your desired goals effectively and efficiently?

For awesome organization and management tips and techniques check out Monday's Momentum 4 Business Success...

Organizational Development: Building A Management System That Works

Organizational development directing behavior and culture often, if not always, requires the setting up of a management system through which an organization determines what needs to be done, how, when and by whom on the way to towards desired objectives and success.

To allow best results [read more]

How Effective is your Business Communication? Monday’s Momentum 4 Business Success

Effective Business Communication - Monday's Momentum 4 Business Success image courtesy of  David Castillo freedigitalphotos.netEffective Communication is vitally important to your business performance and productivity. How you relate and respond to your clients, team and network directly impacts your business bottom line.

In this Monday's Momentum 4 Business Success our guest author John covers

  • how Effective Business Communication plays important role in the growth of any organization
  • key component to communicate properly with clients and employees increasing results.
  • Way to increase efficiency and reduce frustration

If you want your business to run properly and your team perform at their best... read Effective Business Communication by John


Make Your Purpose Your Business in Monday’s Momentum 4 Business: Discovering Your Purpose

Making Your Purpose Your Business in Monday's Momentum 4 Business: Discovering Your Purpose

Hi Success Community,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and productive week overall. As we close out the 1st Quarter of 2013, can you say you are proud of your efforts and results for the past 3 months?

Are you in your passion filled career? If not are you taking the necessary time to develop your purpose filled business while making a living day to day?

As we all know and learned in last week's articles, time waits for no-one. What will you do with the next 3 quarters left in this year? Will you get closer to your goal or will you allow time to pass forcing you to reason with yourself why you haven't put in the effort to make your dreams become reality.

Creating a business out of your purpose, passion and talent is doable if and only if you put in the work. If you want to see your dreams come true, make it a priority. To get you going in the right direction read this Monday's Momentum 4 Business...

Making Your Purpose Your Business Step #1 – Discovering Your Purpose

by Guest Author: Meilena Hauslendale

There is no such thing as a “small” job. Each function within our society aids our detailed technical lifestyles and well being. From a store clerk to a business executive, each position is an intricate part of the matrix of our world. We rely on these functions without even realizing their value or contribution to our daily activity. Each person has there place and each person has their purpose. The key is [read more]

The 3 Mandatory Business Time Management Tips Written In Stone is this Monday’s Momentum 4 Business

Hi Success Community,

Business Time Management - Image courtesy of renjith krishnanHow is your 1st quarter of 2013 shaping up? Do you feel productive, on target and headed for success or are you starting to justify your reasons for not coming close to your projected goals with excuses, reduced momentum while hoping for a better second quarter?

If you enthusiastically answered the question with the first reply...Congratulations.

If you answered the question with a hopeful second reply... I will be real honest with you Hope won't get you there...ACTION will!

This is not for you to loose hope, but for you to realize you are responsible for your success by taking action and making the most of time and opportunity.

Don't fret, it's not too late. There are 12 days left in this month and a fresh new quarter for you to maximize your 2013 and achieve optimal results from yourself, your team and your business as a whole.

To help you realize the magnitude of proper time management, here are The 3 Mandatory Business Time Management Tips Written In Stone By Guest Author: Michael Hutchins UNI found to help you make the most of your time and opportunities to succeed...

Finding advice and suggestions about business time management is not difficult to do. In our ever increasingly fast paced world, many solutions have been put forth on the proper use of time. Many of these solutions have value, however these 3 time management tips have been “written in stone”.

1) Manage Yourself First

Even the very best time management systems and strategies are useless unless the individual consciously applies them.

We must make a conscious effort to manage our behaviors and actions within time. To accomplish this, it is important to stay “present” in the moment.

By staying present and aware, we are better able to [read more]

Plan to Win with Monday’s Momentum 4 Business: “7 Steps to Developing a Successful Strategic Plan”

Hi Success Community,

Are you on task to hit your 1st quarter goals? In order to increase the chances of reaching the goal you set in your personal and professional life you must plan and prepare. When opportunities arise do you find you, your family and or your business ready, willing and able to perform or are you scrambling to pull it together in the last minute or even worse have to pass because you were not prepared.

As you set off to start you day, your project or business, do you plan to win or  fail to plan? Do you react to what happens day by day or do you proactively devise a plan to reach your intended goals?

While life may be a little more forgiving if you decide to coast on autopilot for a while, business requires a fantastic strategic organization and operation plan to increase effectiveness and efficiency. If you ever want your business to operate on autopilot you definitely must plan ahead and for the foreseeable future monitoring and adjusting along the way based off the result.

UNI's Guest author outlines 7 important steps in create a strategic plan to reach your goals in Today's Momentum Monday 4 Success.

7 Steps to Developing a Successful Strategic Plan

by Guest Author: Victor Holman
Seven Steps to Develop ya Successful Strategic Plan

Yesterday a client of mine asked me what I thought was the best way to execute a strategic plan and apply performance metrics to ensure success of the plan. This is a two part question which will be answered in two entries. Today, I’m going to discuss the best way to execute your business strategy, and tomorrow I’ll get into how to integrate the performance plan into your strategy to ensure performance success.

A performance initiative cannot succeed unless executives have defined the organizational goals. Organizational goals must be defined and a strategic plan must address how these goals are going to be achieved in order for a performance initiative to be successful. There is no compromising here. Performance management depends on organizational goals being distributed and measured throughout the entire organization, originating from the executive board and communicated all the way down the line. Today’s tip is going to discuss how to develop a plan that lays the foundation for your performance plan. Because without a solid plan, your performance initiative is setup for failure.

It’s not uncommon for a smaller organization to have partially developed business objectives or a rough strategic plan, but still have a critical need to implement a performance management process. These seven steps will help guide you through the strategic planning process.[read more]

Are you Setting your Business Up 4 Success? “Tips For Setting Business Goals” this Momentum Monday

Are you Setting your Business Up 4 Success?

Tips for Setting Business Goals Image courtesy of Red Goals Word Shows Objectives Hope And Future by Stuart Miles

Most dreams, goals and desires people have for their life, business and family are too vague to gain enough momentum to achieve the actual result they hoped for. Are you where you want to be in Life? Do you have detailed goals for your business? This week UNI will provide you with several tips, tools and strategies to set attainable goals in your personal and professional life.

In order to generate revenue to make your life dreams come true,  setting business goals for success is vitally important. This Momentum Monday we feature:

Tips For Setting Business Goals

No business can expect to achieve and maintain success without effective goal setting. Sure some may get lucky for a short period of time however in order to enable your organization to really reach it’s full potential and enjoy long term growth and success it requires goal setting and knowing how to work those goals for the maximum results. Effective goal setting requires [read more...]

For ultimate balance stay tuned this week for goal setting tips and tools for Life and Family.

Much Success and Joy,


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