Living MY Dream in 2014 – Party with a Purpose Event Jan 18, 2014

Live Your Dream in 2014 Party with a Purpose Event Jan 18 2014What an AWESOME day!!! We kicked off our first 2014 Party with a Purpose with some phenomenal women traveling the journey of success. There were so many amazing projects and businesses blooming providing inspiration and encouragement to other looking to take the steps to bring their dreams to life. We were soooo happy to hear the women were moved and motivated to do just that throughout the presentation. Thanks for letting us know how much this event meant to you and all of the jewels you took away from it.. we look forward to continuing to provide a platform to network, learn and grow together. #liveyourdreamin2014 #liveyourpurposeandattractsuccess #vizionsuccesscommunity #vsuccesscommunity #UNImarketingmediasolutions Paula's #LegacyCreationsCommunity

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Message to the attendees:

Hello lovely ladies...Happy Sunday to you!!!

Thanks again for coming out yesterday and sharing your dreams and passions with the group. I already know we are going to see a lot of ACTION in 2014!!!

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Here is the follow information as promised.. the link to the survey is below

1. Fill out the survey for feedback on the Party with a Purpose .. so they can get better and better :-)Link to the Survey

2. Please join our communities to stay connected and receive tons of valuable information, updates and training and future events...

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I will be rolling out "The 10 Steps 4 Success" Series that will go into more of the information I cover in the presentation.

3.  To help Improve your mindset, habits and overall picture of are the

Links for Recommended Success Books -(Continue to pour value into yourself and you can continue to make yourself valuable to others by taking action)

We look forward to seeing you all make strides with your Dreams, Purposeful Passions and Businesses.

Personal Shout Outs:

Lesley- I love my calendar - I hung it up when I got home before I even took off my coat - I was just saying how did I not buy a calendar and Baam! I will be looking at your Celebrate Life 2014 all year long 🙂 (Quality Promotional items are effective) Thanks again for closing out the event with your powerful words and energy! Your poem "Worthy" was a perfect send off. Ooooowwweee, that new book is going to BLOW!!!!!!

Pamela - I am fired up about all we talked about today we are going to have soooo much fun this year busting out those HUGE projects. Thanks for staying connected after the build out of your website. LADIES if you want to get FIT..this is the Chic! 🙂 You we see results and have fun..

Celeste - If you didn't tell me your health services were not actually in affect I would have never know.. Your Vision is super clear now you just have to list all the steps and being doing 1-2-3

Valerie  - You have a great passion and community building with your elders. Keep expanding on ways to provide value to them and expose their jewelry and yours will sky rocket... Look forward to seeing the first Paula's Pink Pearls Piece

Josie - You are on your way... after you take these next few steps of branding yourself, developing your event planning system you will be in position to truly make people look good and have fun through events and imaging.

Teresa - Looks forward to your event and financial expertise. You ave sooo much to offer and sooo many people and businesses need it!

Laura  - I love that you have your Serious Business and Your Fun Business - and you have cards and a clear picture of how they both will work. Keep making moves, branding yourself and telling folks what you do. Start exposing yourself to those who need your services.

Destiny last but definitely not least... Your effort as a teen is so inspiring I simply enjoy watching and being a part of your journey of discovery and development. YOU ROCK!!!!
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